hey batter batter [tmnt 2012, ficlet]


oh gosh you’re so nice. also, I’M SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG.



(with thanks to theherocomplex for being A+++++ beta and best bee ever)


For as long as Raph’s known Donnie, he’s never been mean about sports — at least, not like he could be. He just waves it off whenever Raph wants to watch hockey, or boxing. Ninjutsu’s enough for him, he always says, with a polite smile of total disinterest, and keeps tapping away on that laptop of his. Which — when you want to watch the game, you want to watch the game, not feel awkward for stealing the TV. Donnie’ll watch the Super Bowl, like any other good American does, and he’ll cheer for the underdog, same as Leo does, but that’s it.

But sometimes, Raph can hear Donnie in his lab with the radio on low, and sometimes he’ll rip out a rattle of curses that reach as far as the dojo and get himself a long meditation on finding one’s centre, and sometimes, Donnie’ll be happier than he was the month after he first figured out how to order C4 on the internet.

Thing is, Raph does have an interest in sports. Knows all of the tricks, from the radio, to sneaking to the nearest storm drain to get the sports pages after rush hour’s over, to long text conversations at 2am trashing Casey’s traitorous love for a Canadian NHL team (even worse — a French-Canadian team). 

So Raph knows, the second he sees Donnie craning his head to look through the wrong window on patrol one night, exactly what the problem is.

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