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Hello everyone! 

The magic day has arrived, and author sign-ups for the TMNT Mini Bang are now open! 

Author Sign-Up Form! 

Please make sure to fill in all the fields, and please use an email address that you check frequently, as that’s how I’ll be getting in touch with you. 

Author sign-ups will be open until September 30th, so if you’re not sure if you want to take part or not, you still have plenty of time to decide! In case you wanted to check the timeline for the Mini Bang, you can find it here.

As a quick note, I’m at work all day today, so if you have issues with the form or have questions, you’ll get a faster response by emailing me rather than messaging me on Tumblr. My email is 

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Thank you all for taking part! Reblogs are definitely appreciated — the more, the merrier (or madder — this is the TMNT fandom we’re talking about!)! 






baby goats

baby goats climbing on donnie

baby goats chewing on his bandana

baby goats bleeeahing as they scale Mount Turt

while April just laughs at his stupid face

oh no

i have been compromised

imageWhups sorry. I did a thing.

butty heads

stampy hoofs







do you ever see an oc that just offends you =_=


Gosh, nearly all of them. I can count the decent OCs on one hand.

One TURTLE hand.

And the reason those OCs are decent is that the writers who created them are skilled writers.

Here’s a hint: If your OC has:

- purple hair or eyes (or any other batshit crazy colour)

- the undying love of one or more turtles

- ninja skills

- horrendously cliche and saccharine dialogue


Then your OC sucks.

The worst OC I ever read was married to Leo. And named his dick. It was the funniest fucking thing I have read in my life.


I agree except for haircolor. Crazy haircolors are pretty mainstream now, at least in the U.S. I think any haircolor you can buy at the corner drugstore is a pass.

I have a soapbox and I will stand on it!

A long time ago, when I was but a tiny Tea, I wrote things. I wrote a lot of things, to the point that for my birthday I was given an electronic typewriter. It had a single line screen (because the 90s) and I could type and type and when it was done, I could press a button and the thing would go BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANG and print my story out! I had a big flowery ring-binder full of my stories. 

As I was about six years old, imagine how good those stories were (answer: hahahahahaha *drinks vodka*). And some of them were fanfiction. Some were Enid Blyton fanfiction, where I was a badass OC character who in the first three chapters of one story had saved half the cast of Malory Towers from being kidnapped by evil American mobsters (I also really loved [Bugsy Malone] when I was a kid). 

When I was a little bit older, and discovering what the internet was, I had another OC, who met Ash and Misty from Pokémon on board the SS Anne, and they had had a BIG FIGHT and I think Misty had ran away crying but my OC was there to magically save the day and show them the true power of love, and then Ash and Misty got married, and my OC married Tracey and it was babies ever after. I am 99.999999% sure that the dialogue would have been terrible, because I was like twelve at the time.

All of my fanfiction that I wrote when I was a teenager gives me awkward feelings when I look at it now — and that’s not including any original stuff I wrote — I had stories about a thinly-veiled version of myself as a badass heroine with wings who saved thinly-veiled versions of my friends from burning buildings, or was involved in Mysterious Things In Haunted Houses. Some of them I wrote for fun, a lot I also wrote for escapism, because oh wow imagine going on a Pokémon journey instead of being bullied at school! or yeah my life is pretty boring but I COULD BE A GOD. If someone wants to write about Leo and Donnie fighting over her while Raph cries into a bag of cookies and Mikey wrestles bears to impress her, more power to them! I would be lying if I said I didn’t still daydream sometimes about being a Magical Girl.

My point is, if I’d had the courage to post my OCs or baby-/teen-tea stories on something like Tumblr, or, and seen a post like this one from a writer I really like — my confidence is bad enough as an adult, and I think I’m a fairly okay writer now. Back then when I was sticking my toes into all sorts of waters, that might have made me just give up. My characters suck, right? Nobody wants to read them. And I might never have written anything else. 

One of the tags on this post was '#learn to write' — for a lot of people, this is how they learn to write. It’s definitely how I learned (and I still have a long way to go). How can they know what works, or doesn’t work, if they don’t try things out? They post things, they read other things, they adapt and write a new thing. Maybe their purple-haired ninja didn’t work, but the story idea was good, or maybe the magical ninja would work great in something original, just not in fanfiction. Maybe they wrote a terrible stereotype, but they learned from it. Writing, at least to me, is a constant learning process. We’re always trying to get better.

If you don’t like OC stories, that’s fine! Maybe don’t read them if they don’t work for you? 

Also: One of my favourite books, and one of the best-written YA books I’ve seen in a long time, is about a girl with blue hair, who can make wishes, and could probably wish herself ninja skills if she wanted. It’s called [Daughter of Smoke and Bone], and it’s really great and this is a shameless plug for it so that I can scream about it with someone. 

servantofclio replied to your post: anonymous said:I just really like…

Agreed all around! I do hope we get to see Casey’s little sister sometime.

I WOULD LOVE to see Casey’s little sister, even if it’s just in a tiny oh crap get out of my room, Raph! way mostly because I really love background details and even if Casey’s family never have a story in the show, it’d still be great to see them.

you know

like April’s aunt.

who is apparently okay with beautiful photographs of mutant turtles on her living room wall

i bet that was a fun conversation. i should write that. 

But I’m not sure which I like more — the idea of his sister being a tea-party-girl Disney princess cutie, or a 12 year old badass who goes to jiu-jitsu classes and can kick Casey’s ass, or is captain of her soccer team and both Casey and his dad are like WELL IT’S NOT HOCKEY BUT IT’S OKAY FOR NOW

or she is a 14-year-old tumblr-nerd who demands the TV to watch Teen Wolf or Doctor Who and Casey loves her, he really does, but no.

but irrelevant of what she is/what she does she is Casey’s Little Sister and everyone better do right by her because Casey will unleash hell if they don’t.